How to Upgrade Roundabout
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To take advantage of the benefits of the upgraded Roundabout app subscriptions, follow the steps below.

  1. Cancel any Apple subscriptions

  2. Purchase your upgraded subscription on our website and have access to any available promo codes

See below for more detail and step by step instructions.

Cancel your Apple subscriptions

Why? The only way to use a promo code is through a purchase on the Roundabout website here.

You will want to cancel your Apple App Store subscription to avoid being double charged when you purchase via the website.

To cancel your Apple subscription:

1. Open the App Store app

2. Click on your profile icon at the top right of your screen

3. On your account information page, choose "Subscriptions"

4. Find the Roundabout app in this list and click "Cancel Subscription"

See Apple Support for more info.

Upgrade Roundabout

Upgrade Roundabout by purchasing a subscription on our website to have access to any available promo codes.

To upgrade:

  1. Visit our webpage for Roundabout subscriptions here.

  2. Choose your plan and fill out your payment information

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