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Fine-Tune Your Roundabout Experience: A Guide to Settings
Fine-Tune Your Roundabout Experience: A Guide to Settings

Explanation of all options that are adjustable on the Settings screen within the Roundabout app.

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Wondering what the different options in Roundabout's Settings screen do? Read on to find out!

Roundabout offers a range of customizable settings to personalize your golfing experience. This article will walk you through the different settings available within the app, explain what they do, and how they impact your interaction with Roundabout.

To change your configuration options, navigate to the Settings tab on the main menu of the app.

1. User Information

This section lets you manage your basic profile information.

  • First Name & Last Name: These are your personal details displayed on scorecards and other parts of the app. You can edit them by tapping on the corresponding rows.

  • Email: This is the email address associated with your Roundabout account. To change it, tap on the Email row and follow the instructions. You will need to re-authenticate your account to complete the email change process.

  • Age: Choose the age range that best describes you. This information helps Roundabout provide you with more accurate statistical references.

  • Gender: Select your gender. This data, like age, is used to adjust statistical references and insights provided by the app.

  • Handedness: Select right- or left-handed based on your dominant hand for golf. This helps Roundabout detect your swings.

2. Subscriptions

This section manages your Roundabout subscription.

  • Status: This row displays your current subscription status and expiry date.

  • Subscription Options: Tap this to see available subscription plans and pricing. Note that this only displays purchase options available from within the mobile app. Additional options may be available via our website.

  • Restore Purchase: If you've previously purchased a subscription but are having trouble accessing paid features, tap this option to restore your purchase.

  • About Subscriptions: This provides details about Roundabout subscriptions, including auto-renewal terms.

3. Account Management

Here you can manage core account features.

  • Share Data: Toggle this switch to control whether your golf data is visible to other Roundabout users, including coaches and friends. The toggleShareData function in SettingsViewController.swift shows how this preference is managed locally and on Firebase.

  • Target Handicap: Choose your desired handicap to calibrate strokes gained references in the app. This setting directly impacts the data displayed in Strokes Gained plots.

  • Sync with Cloud: This manually triggers a synchronization of your data between your device and the cloud.

  • Sign Out: Tap this to sign out of your Roundabout account. This will clear the data saved on your device and return you to the login screen.

  • Delete Account: Choose this to permanently delete your Roundabout account. Be aware that this is irreversible and will remove all your data.

4. Map Preferences

This section customizes the appearance of the in-round map.

  • Yards/Feet vs. Meters/Feet: Select your preferred unit of measurement for distances. This affects all distance displays in the app except putting, which is always in yards.

  • Simple View vs. Picture View: Switch between a simplified map view with less visual detail and the standard, more detailed map view.

  • Show/Hide Vectors: Toggle the display of course feature markings, including fairways, greens, and hazards.

  • Show/Hide Breadcrumbs: Toggle the display of your movement path during the round, represented as a dotted line on the map.

  • Show/Hide History: Toggle the display of previous shot locations on the map.

  • Colorful/Normal Shots: Choose between colorful shot markers based on lie or use uniform, less visually distracting markers.

5. Tracking Preferences

This section configures how Roundabout tracks your shots during a round.

  • Manage Clubs: Tap this to edit your bag of clubs. You can modify the club names, make, model, and distances for each club.

  • Track Clubs: Toggle this switch to enable or disable club tracking during a round. This is used for data analysis and insights.

  • Track Strike: Enable this to be prompted for club strike quality after every shot. This data is used for detailed shot analysis.

  • Putt Details: Toggle this to be prompted for putt details (direction of miss) after every putt.

  • Quick Putt: Enable this to quickly enter putts on the phone based on distance estimations.

  • Manual Entry Buttons: Show/hide buttons for marking your shots manually on the phone interface during the round.

  • Skip Score Entry: Toggle this to automatically advance to the next hole after marking a shot from the green (the app will not prompt you to enter the score for the hole).

6. Auto Shot Detection

This section allows you to manage how Roundabout uses artificial intelligence to suggest shot locations automatically during your round.

  • Auto Shot Detection On/Off: Toggle this to enable or disable the automatic shot detection feature. When enabled, Roundabout analyzes your movement patterns and suggests potential shot locations based motion data from your Apple Watch and phone.

  • Shot Sensitivity: Choose between Least, Less, Normal, or More sensitivity for the auto shot detection. This setting affects how readily the algorithm suggests a shot location. More sensitivity will lead to more suggested shots, while Least will only mark very obvious pauses (shots are suggested only if you are in the same location for 45 seconds or more).

7. Watch Preferences

This section configures settings for your Apple Watch integration.

  • Auto Track/Manual Track: Changes the type of information collected when the Add Shot button is tapped on the watch. When Auto Track is selected, you will enter your score for the hole and the putt details for each putt. When Manual Track is selected, you will select the club used for each individual shot and then input either the putt or strike details (collecting more information for each shot).

  • Swing Detection On/Off: Toggle swing detection on your Apple Watch.

  • Low Power/Workout Mode: Select between low-power mode with limited functionality (does not record a workout in Apple Fitness, uses GPS location from the phone) and workout mode, which enables more features (records a workout and uses GPS from the Watch) but uses more battery.

  • Strict Tournament/GPS Allowed: Toggle this to disable or enable GPS distances on your Apple Watch. Useful for complying with tournament rules.

  • Haptic On/Off: Turn haptic (vibration) feedback for swing detection on or off.

  • Tune Swing Detection: Access this to fine-tune the sensitivity of swing detection on your Apple Watch. This adjusts parameters such as wrist angle, required acceleration, and swing depth. Most users should not need to adjust this.

8. Tutorials and Help

  • Knowledge Base: Access articles that explain Roundabout features, including this one!

  • Introduction: View an introductory tour of the app's core features.

  • Website: This will take you to the official Roundabout website.

  • Help and Support: Use this option to contact Roundabout support for help with technical issues or general questions.

Happy golfing! πŸŒοΈβ€β™€οΈπŸŒοΈ

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