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Getting Started with Roundabout
Getting Started with Roundabout

Getting Started

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  1. Open the app, give us a name and an email address. Password must be 6+ characters.

  2. Click register. We’ll then ask for Additional Information.

  3. This information help us fine tune your experience with the app. Gender information is used to set statistical references to the correct gender.

  4. Yards / Meters sets the unit of measurement for all distances throughout the app.

  5. For shots on the green, Feet are used as this is the standard used by both PGA and European tours.

  6. Average score is used to set a handicap reference for performance. For instance, if you average 82, we will compare your performance to a 10 handicap by default. This is fully adjustable in the app anywhere from Tour Pro to 25 handicap for both males and females.

  7. Share Golf Data with the community allows other users to find you via the email you registered with. This will allow you to easily share your golf data and scores with friends using the app. Setting this value to false will prevent anyone from being able to see your data directly.

  8. Personal information is never shared, only golf data.

  9. Would you like to receive emails option will opt you into or out of marketing messages and update emails from Roundabout.

  10. Once you are happy with the setup, click Submit and you’ll be taken to the home screen.

Explore the App

  1. From the home screen the main options are ‘Play’, ‘Analyze’, ‘Review’, and ‘Settings.

  2. Play’ will help you find nearby courses and get you started playing a round of golf using our golf gps and shot tracking technology.

  3. Analyze’ is where your performance statistics and access to friends or coaches will exist. You can also download our demo accounts to preview statistics before you have played any rounds or to see what is unlocked via subscription.

  4. Review’ is where your round history will appear once you have played golf.

  5. Settings’ is where you can set your preferences, adjust your account, and manage the clubs in your golf bag.

  6. Tutorial’ will take you to an interactive tutorial to learn how to manually track shots.

  7. When playing golf you can access helpful tutorials by clicking on the ‘?’ button in the lower left.

Quick Start Tutorial Video:

View the following Tutorial Videos for more on how to use the Roundabout App:

Click this link to download the app on your smart device.

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