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How do you mark when you’re done with a hole?

Roundabout assumes the last shot you mark went in, regardless of whether your last shot was a 30 yard chip or a 2 foot putt. Just mark each shot and Roundabout does the rest.

Does the watch app use the phone gps?

By default the watch will use the phone’s GPS location when in range. This is a functionality determined by Apple. We suggest keeping your phone in your pocket while using the watch to track shots. If instead you wish to force the app to use the watch GPS, the watch can be placed in airplane mode. Please note that placing the watch in airplane mode will also prevent any shots from syncing to the phone until the watch is taken out of airplane mode. Make sure to take the phone out of airplane mode when done playing or at any time to sync shots to the phone.

Is Apple Watch the only watch supported?

At this time, yes. If you would like to see other models supported, please message support through the app with your request.

What if I can’t use my phone in a tournament round?

For tournaments with a local rule allowing distance measuring devices, selecting ‘Tournament’ as round type will disable incompliant features such as strokes gained to be compliant. However, if distance measuring devices are not allowed, shots can be tracked from the comfort of your home after the round. See our YouTube tutorial on tracking shots from home. <add link>

How do you mark a penalty?

See YouTube tutorial.

What do Recovery and PO do in the club selection?

Recovery and ‘Pitch Out’ do the same thing. They indicate that the shot was from an area with no chance to advance to the green (such as plugged in a bunker or stuck behind trees). Select either of these when you do not want distance to count against the club you use, such as chipping around a tree with a 7 iron. From a strokes gained perspective, marking a shot as ‘recovery’ will properly degrade the previous shot which put you in a bad situation.

How do you move the pin?

A long press will grab the pin, allowing you to drag the pin to the desired location.

How do you mark a shot as in the rough?

Any shot not marked on a highlighted lie will be assumed to be in the rough. After marking a shot, you can manually change the lie by touching the marked shot you wish to change, selecting edit, and then ‘Change Lie’.

How much cellular data does the app consume?

This depends heavily on type of usage. For a player that primarily uses the watch to track shots and gets yardages, the usage would be a couple MB at most as the maps are hardly pulled up. For a player that uses the phone to get yardages for every shot, the usage is similar to a Google Maps type application and could be up to 50MB per round.

How to cancel your subscription?

See this article.

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