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Setting Up Your Clubs in Roundabout
Setting Up Your Clubs in Roundabout

How to configure your clubs and get started with tracking your clubs while playing

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Roundabout uses club information to provide deeper insights into your shot performance, enhance analytics, and power club recommendations in our Virtual Caddie feature. Setting up your bag correctly is essential for getting the most out of the app!

Here’s how to get started:

  1. Navigate to Settings: From the main screen of the Roundabout app, tap the settings icon in the bottom right corner.

  2. Scroll to Tracking Preferences: This section contains several options for customizing how the app tracks your shots and clubs during your round.

  3. Select “Manage Clubs”: This will take you to the Club Management screen where you can add, edit, or remove clubs in your bag, as well as define custom distances, makes, and models for each club.

  4. Input Club Details:

    • Label: Use the picker to select the appropriate label for each club (e.g., Dr, 3W, 4H, 5I, PW, etc.)

    • Make: Choose the manufacturer of your club from the list or select "Unknown" if you're unsure.

    • Model: Enter the specific model of the club, or select "Unknown".

    • Distance: Tap the “Distance” button to open the Distance picker. Select the average distance you hit with each club based on your personal experience. This is crucial for Virtual Caddie to function accurately. You can input distances in yards or meters, depending on your preference.

  5. Reorder Clubs: Use the three bars on the right-hand side of each cell to reorder clubs in your bag.

  6. Save Your Changes: When you are finished making changes to your clubs, tap the "Save & Exit" button at the bottom of the screen. Your club setup will be saved and ready to go for your next round!

  7. Recording your clubs while playing: Make sure to turn on the “Track Clubs” option under Tracking Preferences if you'd like the app to prompt you to add your club details at the end of each shot.

Additional Tips:

  • Smart Distances: If you’ve played a few rounds using Roundabout’s shot tracking, you can use the “Apply Smart Distances” button to automatically populate your average distances based on your past performance.

  • Default Distances: For new users, the “Apply Default Distances” button will populate commonly used distances.

  • Resetting Distances: If you want to clear all club distances and start fresh, tap the “Reset Seed Distances” button.

  • Updating from the Course: If you use “Track Clubs” while you play a round, you can quickly add your club details at the end of each shot.

Having trouble? Contact us via the in-app chat or send an email to for assistance.

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