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Auto Shot Detection AI and Scoring Input
Auto Shot Detection AI and Scoring Input
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Step 1: Start Your Round

To use the Auto Shot Detection AI feature in your Roundabout app, simply start your round and keep your phone in your pocket (best) or cart (okay).

Step 2: Understanding the Graphics

The app tracks your locations as you play and predicts where your shots might have been hit.

The greyed out markers are areas where we're less confident and the white markers show where we're pretty confident where you hit a golf shot

Step 3: Enter Your Score

You can enter your score between holes or after playing the round.

Artificial Intelligence will then find your shots based on the data that we have. Adjust the scroll wheels to enter the correct data and click save to save your score.

The app will automatically advance to the next hole, but if you go back, the app will have automatically located the shots that you hit to get your score.

Step 4: Make Any Necessary Corrections

If you have to go back to move a shot if our app predicts it incorrectly, it's easy to do! Just long press the shot's location marker and drag it to where it should have been in the first place.

Step 5: Add Any Club Information to a Shot

Just Tap on any shot marker to add club information.

Select the club that you used to hit the shot. Do this for every shot in a round if you want a full analysis of the data.

Step 6: Advanced Edits

If you want to add more advanced edits, use the Edit button in the bottom left of the screen to bring up the shot menu

From the shot menu, you can make many types of edits.

For example, you can adjust like putting distance or delete and reorder shots. Roundabout detects the lie automatically, but if we're incorrect, you can tap on any shot and change the lie.

Step 7: Penalties

If your ball hits a creek or other type of unplayable area, move the shot marker into the body of water and click the edit menu to change that lie to "penalty."

You might have to reorder the shots for it to make sense. To do this, go back to the edit menu and simply move the order of the shots around by clicking and holding the "3 bar icon."

Tracking Shots from Home

Roundabout allows you to track shots from home if you forgot to use Auto Shot on the course.

Step 1: Just select the course that you played and bring up the GPS.

Step 2: Enter Your Score

Now, you'll just enter your score as if you played on the golf course. We'll automatically add the same number of shots that you selected from your score and the putting information.

Now, when you go back to make the edits, the shots are already there. All you need to do is drag them to the correct locations.

To watch the full tutorial, watch the video below and head to our youtube page for more Roundabout tutorial videos.

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