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How do I Change / Mark My Tee Box?
How do I Change / Mark My Tee Box?
Updated over a week ago

A very common question is, how do I change or mark my tee box?

Currently you do not set the tee box directly. You track locations where you hit shots.

Obviously your first shot is typically from the tee box. If you open the app on the course, our auto shot detection will be able to detect which tee box you played from and suggest shot locations for you to track. That way you can focus on golf!

1. Using Auto Shot

We suggest you start with the auto shot detection as it shows how the app can track your location and suggest shot locations. Which makes the process much easier!

2. Manual

You can also use the app after your round or when you are not on the golf course and manually track shots.

To do that and mark the tee box you would hit the shot counter in the lower right and then tap on the tee box you played.

We highly suggest you start your round on the course to enable our auto shot feature. Then you can put your phone away and only pull it out when you need yardages.

If you haven't already checked out our YouTube tutorials, start here:

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